Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Walgreens 12/10

I ran by Walgreens today while I was waiting on my prescription to be filled at CVS. I really do not enjoy shopping at WGs. I have two near is old, a little dirty, and NEVER has what I want in stock. The second one is new, very nice, but has cashiers who take personal offense if you get a good deal. That's the one I ended up going to and I thought I would have a better experience since there was a guy working the register but he ended up sending me to the cosmetics counter to check out and I got the grumpiest of cashiers. She didn't say anything during my transaction, but she sure did look at my receipt when I was finished. Oh well... I didn't do anything wrong so what can she say really?
Here's what I got:
2 Maybelline lip glosses 8.49 each B1G1
4 Kelloggs cereals 1.99 each
2 A&H laundry detergents 1.99 w/ in-store coupon
2 - $4 off Maybelline lip product MC
2 - $1 Kelloggs MC from 11/9 SS
Total OOP: 6.61 My receipt is showing $42.49 total savings! Got back $5 RR to spend later!

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