Friday, June 19, 2009

Target 6/19

I love Target. We need milk, bread, and lunch meat. They had some great deals that included all 3 of those!
Deal 1: Buy 1 Skippy peanut butter (1.79) and 1 Welch's grape jelly (1.79), get free Orowheat bread, .40 MC for Skippy 2.99 taken off for bread
Deal 2: Buy 3 boxes of Kelloggs cereal (2.99, 2.99, 2.34), get free milk; used B1G1 free coupon for Frost Mini Wheats 2.99, 1.00 MC, 3.59 taken off for milk
Deal 3: Buy 1 Oscar Mayer lunch meat (2.79) and 1 Kraft singles (2.79), get free Oscar Mayer lunch meat; 1.00/2 MC, 2.79 taken off for lunch meat
I did all of those, plus I bought:
YoPlus cherry yogurt 2.09, 1.00 MC
2 Quaker 90 calorie chewy granola bars 1.02 each (clearance), .75/2 MC
Kashi waffles 1.99, 1.50 MC
Del Monte Fruit Chillers 1.92, 1.00 MC
So I got all that for 15.88. There are 5 coupons in the Frosted Flakes box for 1.00 off future boxes of cereal and a free sandwich container offer on the bread!
I just love Target!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Target 6/13

Total OOP: 17.60

Here's the breakdown:
2 Soft Scrub cleaners 3.49 each, B1G1 MC
3 Resolve Pet Stain Spot Cleaner 2.08 each (clearance), 1.00 MC
4 Planters Peanut Bars 1.48 each (clearance), 3 - 1.00 MC, .75 MC
Newman's Own Dressing 2.99, .50 MC
Ziploc sandwich bags 1.77, 1.00 Target coupon, .40 MC
Kashi waffles 1.79, 1.50 MC
Green Giant Shoepeg corn 1.19
Wooden Placemat 1.24 (for use as a lap desk!)
Velveeta Shells and Cheese 1.52, 1.00 MC

Taking into account the original prices of clearance items, plus coupons, I saved $41.46. We use those cleaners a lot, so I'm so glad to get them at such a good price. We were in need of some kind of granola bar type things for Jason's lunch, so the Planters bars at that price were an awesome deal. I love paying .29 for Kashi waffles and .37 for Ziploc bags too. I was needing something to put my notebook on while I was taking notes and reading the chapters in my class, so I was so excited to find that wooden placemat marked down so much. It will get much use this summer! All in all, a great Target day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meal Plan

I'm trying to go ahead and meal plan today because I have yet to go to the grocery store this week. Here is what's on sale and what I'm hoping to use in my plan:

Whole Chickens .67/lb
Center-cut pork chops 1.77/lb
Bacon 2/$4

1lb carrots .97
Kraft cheese 3/$5
Boar's Head turkey breast 6.99/lb
5lbs russet potatoes 1.99

Here's my plan based on that and what I have on-hand:

We are having a cookout, so I'll be picking up my free Oscar Mayer hot dogs and putting together baked beans and some yummy salsa.

Pork Chop Casserole with homemade bread

roast chicken, fresh green beans from the garden, baked or mashed potatoes

Turkey Club sandwiches with homemade fries


bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast

Homemade pizza
I *NEED* to get back into couponing, so I'll try to start posting again!

Here are a few things to get us all started back!


Save $1 on Edge shave gel. These do go on sale at CVS and Walgreens sometimes, so hopefully we can use it to get a good deal!

Free sample of Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield and Tampax Pearl samples are now available at, as well as a few others

Be sure to print off any coupons you might need from and has a few coupons but they are higher value ones, so go print the few they have!


If you haven't signed up for Vocal Point, I really suggest it! I've gotten lots of coupons for Kashi products through it! If you go here, you can sign up and print a $1.50 off their soft baked bars!