Friday, June 19, 2009

Target 6/19

I love Target. We need milk, bread, and lunch meat. They had some great deals that included all 3 of those!
Deal 1: Buy 1 Skippy peanut butter (1.79) and 1 Welch's grape jelly (1.79), get free Orowheat bread, .40 MC for Skippy 2.99 taken off for bread
Deal 2: Buy 3 boxes of Kelloggs cereal (2.99, 2.99, 2.34), get free milk; used B1G1 free coupon for Frost Mini Wheats 2.99, 1.00 MC, 3.59 taken off for milk
Deal 3: Buy 1 Oscar Mayer lunch meat (2.79) and 1 Kraft singles (2.79), get free Oscar Mayer lunch meat; 1.00/2 MC, 2.79 taken off for lunch meat
I did all of those, plus I bought:
YoPlus cherry yogurt 2.09, 1.00 MC
2 Quaker 90 calorie chewy granola bars 1.02 each (clearance), .75/2 MC
Kashi waffles 1.99, 1.50 MC
Del Monte Fruit Chillers 1.92, 1.00 MC
So I got all that for 15.88. There are 5 coupons in the Frosted Flakes box for 1.00 off future boxes of cereal and a free sandwich container offer on the bread!
I just love Target!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Target 6/13

Total OOP: 17.60

Here's the breakdown:
2 Soft Scrub cleaners 3.49 each, B1G1 MC
3 Resolve Pet Stain Spot Cleaner 2.08 each (clearance), 1.00 MC
4 Planters Peanut Bars 1.48 each (clearance), 3 - 1.00 MC, .75 MC
Newman's Own Dressing 2.99, .50 MC
Ziploc sandwich bags 1.77, 1.00 Target coupon, .40 MC
Kashi waffles 1.79, 1.50 MC
Green Giant Shoepeg corn 1.19
Wooden Placemat 1.24 (for use as a lap desk!)
Velveeta Shells and Cheese 1.52, 1.00 MC

Taking into account the original prices of clearance items, plus coupons, I saved $41.46. We use those cleaners a lot, so I'm so glad to get them at such a good price. We were in need of some kind of granola bar type things for Jason's lunch, so the Planters bars at that price were an awesome deal. I love paying .29 for Kashi waffles and .37 for Ziploc bags too. I was needing something to put my notebook on while I was taking notes and reading the chapters in my class, so I was so excited to find that wooden placemat marked down so much. It will get much use this summer! All in all, a great Target day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meal Plan

I'm trying to go ahead and meal plan today because I have yet to go to the grocery store this week. Here is what's on sale and what I'm hoping to use in my plan:

Whole Chickens .67/lb
Center-cut pork chops 1.77/lb
Bacon 2/$4

1lb carrots .97
Kraft cheese 3/$5
Boar's Head turkey breast 6.99/lb
5lbs russet potatoes 1.99

Here's my plan based on that and what I have on-hand:

We are having a cookout, so I'll be picking up my free Oscar Mayer hot dogs and putting together baked beans and some yummy salsa.

Pork Chop Casserole with homemade bread

roast chicken, fresh green beans from the garden, baked or mashed potatoes

Turkey Club sandwiches with homemade fries


bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast

Homemade pizza
I *NEED* to get back into couponing, so I'll try to start posting again!

Here are a few things to get us all started back!


Save $1 on Edge shave gel. These do go on sale at CVS and Walgreens sometimes, so hopefully we can use it to get a good deal!

Free sample of Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield and Tampax Pearl samples are now available at, as well as a few others

Be sure to print off any coupons you might need from and has a few coupons but they are higher value ones, so go print the few they have!


If you haven't signed up for Vocal Point, I really suggest it! I've gotten lots of coupons for Kashi products through it! If you go here, you can sign up and print a $1.50 off their soft baked bars!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hey all. I just don't seem to be as into all this as I was, but I'll try to post every now and then until I get back in the groove.

Receive a coupon for free Oscar Mayer hot dogs in the mail when you register here. (This caps at 1 million, so not sure how long it will last!) If you haven't signed up for the Kraft community, be sure to do it now while they have all the awesome coupons available to print!

Kraft Foods

Huggies now has a rewards program, so be sure to sign up and enter your codes! Here are a few to get you started.
I'll try to post more as I find them.

Free sample of Playtex Gentle Glide. For more samples like that one, be sure to check out Walmart's sample offers.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Chocolate

Mars is giving away free chocolate every Friday until September. Go there and request your coupon! They only give away so many each week, so if they are out for this Friday, try next week!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Target and Kroger 5/14

Here are my deals and steals for the day. I hope I am finished shopping for the week!

2 Healthy Choice Pizza Breads 1.88 each, 1.00/2 MC
5 Kraft BBQ Sauce 1.09 each, 5 - 1.00 MC earned 2.50 on my next trip
2 Kroger hashbrowns 1.25 each
Finish Orange dishwasher tabs 2.99, 2.50 MC
SoftSoap Hand Soap 1.09, .35 MC tripled to 1.05
Ken's Light Honey Dijon dressing 1.49, 1.00 MC
Samy Shampoo/Conditioner 7.99 each, B1G1, Try Me Free Rebate
organic carrots 1lb .97
Horizon Organic FF Milk (markdown) 2.99
Total OOP: 20.97; got $2.50 to spend on my next purchase, will get 7.99 back on the shampoo rebate! I'm excited to have gotten $8 a bottle shampoo and conditioner for free!

Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Cleaner 1.68, .75 MC
2 Ball Park White Turkey Franks 2.64 each, 1.00/2 MC
3 Annie's Mac N Cheese 1.00 each
Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat bread 2.59
Gold Medal Whole Wheat flour 2.79
fuji apples 1.42lbs 2.40, 1.00 TQ
2 Gold n Plump 20oz pkgs chicken 3.49 each, 2 - 1.00TQ
2 Kraft Dressings 2.14 each, 1.50 MC, 1.00 MC, 1.00/2 TQ
2 Kraft Cheddar Cheese blocks 1.52 each, 1.00/2 MC, 1.00/2 TQ
Total OOP: 21.79
That didn't seem like that great of a trip for some reason. :(

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom for this one: Get your free All-Bran Sample pack by registering here.
Kashi 50% Off! at Amazon today! If you love their products as much as I do, be sure to go place your order before the prices go back up!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Freebies and Coupons

Be sure to visit here or here to get some get Kraft coupons! They match up well with some of the Target printable coupons right now!

Request a free sample of Taster's Choice Coffee. I love the coffee samples! My adopted soldier requested coffee so I pass on all the samples to him. It is nice to offer a variety because I have no idea what kind he might like. You can also print coupons for it here.

There are always so many samples of feminine care products.... the latest is Always Infinity. You can also get a sample of Cottonelle.

Sam's is offering a sample of Triple Flex vitamins. Wal-Mart has a free sample of Sun Crystals, a new sweetner. You can also print a coupon for it here.


If you like Aveeno, try their new hair care products!

If you love Kashi products, print a coupon for $1.50 off their waffles here. I LOVE them and they are on sale for $1.79 at Target. Can't beat .29 a box!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekly Shopping: Kroger and Target

It's been a bit since I had posted a picture of my weekly shopping, so I figured why not? I wasn't able to get a clear shot of everything, but that's the gist of it. Here is a breakdown of my trips:

Glade Fabric Spray 2.50, 2.00 TQ attached to product
Lysol Mildew Remover 2.25, .75 MQ
2 Lysol Toliet Bowl Cleaner 1.69 each, 1.00/2 MC
Arm & Hammer Cleaner (clearance) 1.78, 1.00 MC
Garbage Disposal Care 2.49, .55 MC
Celery 1.49
Welch's Reduced Sugar Jelly 1.69, .55 MC
Kraft BBQ Sauce .99, .75 MC
Stove Top 1.69
2 Pastorelli Pizza Sauce 1.59 each
Market Pantry Parmesan Cheese 2.69
Kangroo Pitas 1.99
Beef Roast 8.61, 3.00 TQ
Beef Stew Meat 5.18, 2.50 TQ
Fuji Apples 2.30, 1.00 TQ
2 Kashi Waffles 1.99, Free Product Coupon, 1.50 MC
2 Kraft Naturals Cheddar Blocks 1.52 each, 1.00/2 TQ
2 Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal 2.39 each, .75 MC and .50 MC
Fiber One Poptarts 1.79, .50 MC
Fiber One Yogurt 1.88, 1.00 MC
Used 5 gift card from Glade candle deal
Total OOP: 32.58, got a $5 gift card for Fiber One deal
saved 31.18

2 Kelloggs Raisin Bran 1.99 each, 1.00 MC
Angel Soft bath tissue 1.22, .50 MC
3 Blue Bell ice cream 3.33 each
Stokes Green Chile Sauce (for chili recipe) 1.97
4 Community Tea Bags 1.50 each, .55 peelies on each
1 lb Boars Head ham 7.79
Softsoap hand soap .99, .35 MC
1.12 lb Laura's lean ground beef (markdown) 3.88, 1.00 MC
Horizon Organic FF Milk (markdown) 2.99
Suave Deodorant .99, .50 MC
Total OOP: 31.63
saved 25.49, or 44% (doesn't include original price of markdowns so actually higher)

Total for the Day: $64.21, earned $5 gift card!

The lady behind me at Target was amazed and was asking lots of questions! :o) I think everything is fairly healthy, so I'm glad I am able to coupon shop and buy things that are good for us.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

P & G Samples and Coupons

If you haven't signed up over at P&G, go now. You can request samples and print a few coupons. They have Crest coupons, which do come in handy at CVS to get free toothpaste. I just requested a sample of Head & Shoulders and Charmin Freshmates!
Need some fast, easy recipes? Give Kraft Foods a try!

Click Here

Freebies and Coupons

Sorry I haven't been posting as much here lately. My passion for couponing is not the same as it was before...

I just got my copy of the cooking for 2 booklet this week and the recipes look delicious. I can't wait to try some of them. Be sure to sign up if you need some cooking ideas!

Pillsbury Cooking for 2
Quaker Chewy Delights: $1 printable coupon (I love these!)

Check out the latest sample offers on to see if any interest you. I requested the Cottonelle one in hopes that it comes with coupons!

If you love Coke, here is a coupon you can print. It is rare to find a coupon for soda, so get it before it is gone! I think there is even an ECB deal at CVS this week on Coke, so that makes it even better! (I might grab some for the next family get together)

Free sample of Caress body wash. I just got mine in the mail this week but haven't had a chance to try it yet. (Remember these samples are great for out of town guests too!)

$1 coupon on Stayfree products; $1.50 off 2 boxes of Kraft/Velveeta Shells and Cheese.

Finally, go request this coupon booklet! If nothing else, it will get you a free bottle of ketchup when it arrives in the mail!

One last deal: All You (1-year) magazine is only $10 a year at right now. If you have never heard of it, go check it out. It is full of great coupons and articles. I have purchased a few issues just for some of the coupons but paid over $2 for each issue. I was glad to see the deal on the 1 year subscription; now I'm just waiting on my first issue to get here!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Walgreens Deal!

Heads up on a good deal!

If you have a Walgreens near you, the refills for most Swiffer products are on sale for $4. That is a great price, but if you purchase $10, you get 2 RR, if you purchase $25, you get 6 RR. Once you buy them, you can submit the receipt for this rebate!

I will be getting 6 boxes of refills for what 2 normally run when not on sale! How great is that?

Even if you don't have a Walgreens near you, buying the refills and submitting the rebate will still save you some money if you normally use the products, which we do.