Thursday, December 4, 2008

Don't be afraid to ask!

One of my shopping trips yesterday reminded me to share a very important time for saving some money! ASK! I went to Walgreens yesterday to get some razors that were on sale, B1G1, but they only had 1 in stock. I really wanted these because they were 6.99 for 2 packages and I had $6 in coupons to use. When the beauty counter lady asked if I needed help, I asked if they had more in stock. They did not, but offered to sell me the one package at half price, 3.49. I used my $3 coupon and got them for .49 cents!

Several years ago when Jason and I were looking for a big cat tree/scratcher we found one we really liked at the pet store, but it had a stain on one side of it. We asked an associate about a possible discount and were given 20% off! It took me less than a minute to get the stain off when we got home, so it was such a good bargain.

If you find something at a clothing store that has a small stain, a missing button, etc, always ask if they can give you a discount, but only if you think it's something you can easily fix.

Many stores are also price matching other stores sales right now, so be sure to ask if you know it is cheaper at another store! Wal-Mart will always price match, so be sure to take all your sales ads with you if you shop there.

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