Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Favorites

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I have been a member of several survey sites for a few years now and one of my favorites is MySurvey. I like the fact that I can request my rewards in money form, rather than gift cards or items I don't really need. If you like to take surveys and earn money, I encourage you to click on the logo and go sign up! You won't get rich doing it, but every little bit of extra money counts!

If you are pressed for time (I know we all are this time of year) please take advantge of the dinner made easy newsletter from Betty Crocker. The meals are simple and fast, but are still yummy. I know I am always needing new recipes, so I'm thankful to get this newsletter in my inbox!

Finally, if you need to save even more money than just regular coupons, try the Entertainment Book! It is $10 off right now with free shipping, so it is a great time to buy! It offers a variety of coupons, from local attractions, to restaurants, and many different stores. Click on the link and it will let you find the one for your area!

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