Friday, March 27, 2009

Misc Thrifty Ideas and Favorites

There are a few new freebies on the Wal-Mart sample page, so be sure to check it out and see if there's anything of interest for you.

If you are looking to save money by making your coffee drinks at home, get started with the recipes from Folgers! You can download this recipe booklet from Eagle Brand Milk to find a tasty treat to go along with it! (and be sure to invite me over)

Be sure to check for local restaurants in your area. The Certificates are 70% off right now, so you can buy a $25 dinner certificate for $3. Just be sure to read the rules/restrictions for each restaurant. These do work; we have used them ourselves!

One final thing: I love products that are kind to our environment and I found a great one yesterday. I purchased an Evolve showerhead and not only does it work, but it feels great too. I had looked at them before and got lucky and found one at our Tuesday Morning. I purchased the "tulip" for 24.99; it is listed for 79.95 on the website, so I feel great about the deal I got! It senses when the water is hot (95 degrees) and will slow down to a trickle to alert you that it is ready. This will save many gallons of water at our house because I turn the shower on and then work around a bit in the bathroom until I think it is ready. Now I know that it is and if I can't get in right away, the water is only trickling, not at the normal flow. The massage spray pattern feels great on my sore back, so I'm really appreciating my new purchase!

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