Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Shopping CVS 11/16 & Kroger 11/16

CVS: (plus 4 boxes of Kleenex, not pictured)
Well, I ended up with a weird deal at CVS. I wanted to do the Glade Buy $10, get $5 ECB back and the Soft & Dri/Right Guard $2.99 get 2 ECB deals. In the ad, CVS had listed Glade candles, scented oil refills, and glass scents. I had coupons for a free scented oil holder when you buy a refill, so I decided to use those... When I looked at my receipt, those also counted in the deal... I could have gotten off much, much cheaper, but I had no idea until AFTER the transaction. SO, here's what I did....
Transaction #1:
2 Glade Glass Scents 2.50 each
1 Right Guard Extreme 2.99
2 Glade twin scented oil refills 3.99 each
2 Kleenex, 1.49 B1G1
2 Glade Scented Oil Holders 7.99 each
used 3/15 coupon
.40 MC Kleenex
1.59 ECB + 2 ECB from last week
B1G1 glass scents MC ($2.50)
2- Free scented oil holder with refill MC (7.99 x 2)
Total: 7.84OOP, earned 12 ECB
Transaction #2:
2 Right Guard Extreme 2.99 each
2 Soft & Dri 2.99 each
1 Dove Day Moisturizer, clearance 3.50
2 Kleenex 1.49 B1G1
used 3/15 coupon
2 - .55 peelies from Soft & Dri
12 ECB from previous transaction
Total: .85 OOP, earned 9 ECB
On my first receipt I noticed my Glade total was $27.96, so I stopped and bought a candle for 2.50 and got another 5 ECB. (this was because of the holders counting)
They also have another great deal going on with batteries. If you buy $20 of Duracell batteries, you get 15 ECB. The batteries are three prices, 5.29, 5.99, and 9.99. I didn't really have any good coupons for those, but I went ahead and did the deal twice. With a little one in the house, we use tons of batteries! I ended up spending about $21 OPP for an assortment of C, D, AA, and AAA batteries and have 15 ECB left. I need about $13 more dollars to earn another 15, so I'm going to go ahead and use my 15 ECB to buy those and get another 15 ECB back. We can always use batteries!
I didn't take a picture of my Kroger trip, but here's what I got for $26.53 (I saved 33.80, or 55%) They are still doing the Mega Sale here, so I got 10 participating items* and saved $5.
2 Crisco vegetable oils
2 PAM sprays
1 Cottonelle 4 pk toliet paper
1 Colgate Total toothpaste
1 Scotch Brite sponge
1lb Boar's Head ham
1 pk Hormel turkey pepperoni
4 boxes of Quaker granola bars
1 Colgate Advantage toothpaste
1 Active Instant Oatmeal
1 Kroger tomato paste
2 cans Progresso soup
1 gallon skim milk
1 Nature's Own wheat bread
1 Nature's Own White Wheat buns

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