Monday, November 10, 2008

Meal Plan Monday

One of the easiest ways to save money is to look over what you have already in your pantry and freezer, plus make note of what is on sale for the week, and make out a meal plan. You will be less likely to make impulse trips to the grocery store or restaurants that way. I know it works, so I plan on starting it again this week. Here's my plan:

Monday: Pinto beans (in crockpot), corn bread, fried potatoes, and pork chops (I have all this already!)

Tuesday: We have some left-over spaghetti noodles, so I want to make a batch of red sauce, cook up some ground beef, and have spaghetti. Pair that with a loaf of homemade Italian bread.

Wednesday: We have all the ingredients for pizza; the crust will be made in the bread machine.

Thursday: I'm on my own today; I will have leftovers from Monday.

Friday: I'm on my own again today; I have tomato soup in the 'fridge that needs to be used, so I'll have that with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Saturday: Treat Night; will have Jason pick up ChickFilA on his way home! :)

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