Sunday, November 9, 2008

more Kroger 11/5 deals!

I made another Kroger run today while the awesome sale was still going on. I saved 72% today; I paid 18.95 and saved 49.56! (coupons up to .39 tripled, .40 - .50 doubled)
Here's what I got:
1 Lucky Charms
1 Cocoa Puffs $1/2 MC
2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2 - .55 MC
1 Betty Crocker Muffin Mix .75 MC
1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix .75 MC
1 Pillsbury Crescent rolls .35 MC
2 Swiss Miss Cocoas .50 coupon
1 BC Roasted Garlic potatoes .40 MC
1 Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop popcorn 1.00 MC
1 Active Oatmeal 1.89 coupon (free!)
2 Pledge 2 - 1.50 MC
1 Pledge floor cleaner 1.50 MC
2 Coffeemate liquid creamers 1.50/2 MC
2 Hunts tomato products .40/2 MC
1 Land o Lakes butter .55 MC
1 Activia yogurt .50 MC
1 Johnson and Johnson baby wash
2 J&J baby lotion $3/3 MC

A few Kroger hints: got to the Kroger website before you go shopping and check out the links to the P&G eSaver coupons and the coupons. You can load these onto your Kroger card and then use MCs on top of them! also has coupons you can load onto your card, which is how I got a free box of oatmeal on this shopping trip! I also noticed that one of our Kroger stores has higher prices than the other that is 5 minutes away! It didn't matter on these deals, but produce and other products were different prices! I noticed that diapers were on sale for $1 cheaper one week and have since been careful about which one I go to!

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