Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday Savings Tips

(again, a day late because of our fussy little guy)
I'm really excited about this toy! If you check at, it is listed as $17.99. I went to our local Target (on sale there for 14.24) and walked out with it for $6.75! How? Well, the tip for the week is coupon stacking! You can do this at Target, Kroger, and CVS. If you have a Target coupon, which I did, you can also use a manufacturer coupon. On this deal, I used a $5 Target toy coupon, along with a $3 coupon I got for signing up at If you get a coupon printed on your CVS receipt, you can use that plus MCs. For Kroger, use MCs paired with coupons from or to increase your savings! I got free toliet paper, toothpaste, soup, and oatmeal tonight at Kroger by combining coupons! Nothing better than free stuff!!!
**note, the Target coupon says it's for Fridge Phonics, but I don't remember the one I printed out being so specific*** It may have been and they took it anyway?

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