Sunday, April 12, 2009

Deals and Steals

I had some great shopping trips last week! My best finds were Gillette Fusion Power Razor and shave gel for $2 OOP at Target, free Stride gum at Kroger, 2 Schick Intuition refill packages for 2.89 OOP at CVS, and free Colgate toothpaste at Walgreen's! If you managed to find some good deals or free stuff, be sure to post and let me know!

Today we had a great Easter dinner that was so inexpensive to make! I have a great stockpile of items that make it easy to do a great dinner for a very good price! We had ham, (bought on sale after Christmas for less than half price), mashed potatoes ($1 a bag on sale w/ coupon), green beans (free after coupon), baked beans, deviled eggs, and rolls (on sale w/ coupon). It was great and we have lots of ham leftover for other meals! I plan on cooking beans with the ham bone tomorrow!

I really love shopping this way. It saves us so much money! It is great to be stocked up on almost everything so that I never have to pay regular price for anything. I can't imagine going back to actually paying for toothpaste again. They seem to give it away at least every other week!

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Murphy's Law said...

Rita, where do you get coupons for produce? I never seem to find those. I'd love a bag of potatoes for $1!!!

Rita said...

The only place I've really found that has produce coupons is Super Target! I had printed off a Target coupon for $1 off potatoes and they were on sale for 1.99, so I think that was a great deal! Go here to find all the Target coupons available right now. They frequently have one for $1 off veggies too, which makes them free sometimes!