Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shop Markdowns and Clearance

One great way to find good deals is to pair up coupons with items that have been marked down or on clearance. I have found some quality products at very low prices and snagged them for almost free after using the coupons I had on hand. I bought razors for .09, face wash for free, and cleaning supplies for a third of the original cost. It does take a little time to shop for these items, but I just stop and get a coffee and then walk around the stores looking for clearance or mark down tags. I always have my coupon book with me now so if I find a tag, I can flip through my book and quickly see if I have a coupon match. It works great and I am building up my donation pile by doing this!

Another way to save is looking for specials on meat. Our Kroger has two levels of markdowns on their meat: a few days before the sale-by-date they do Manager's Specials and lower the price by a few dollars, but on the sale-by-date, they mark down even more. I usually stick with the manager's specials; the products are usually looking a little scary by the sale date and I don't like to take chances with meat. I think I get some pretty good deals; I now have a good stockpile of chicken, pork, and ground beef, so I can wait on sales to buy more!

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