Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CVS 2/16

This was a quick trip yesterday; I plan on going back today. I just wanted to get the paper towels because they are on my list of charity donation items. I have decided to keep up my blog to show how much you can get to donate with very little out of pocket. I'll also try to be better about sharing some non-shopping related tips, recipes, etc.

I had spent all my ECBs, so this was starting with ZERO of those!

Scott 8 pack paper towels (2 day sale) 4.99
Colgate Advance toothpaste 2.99
Always Infinity 18 count 5.99
Hershey Kisses (markdown) 1.49
$3 off 15 CVS coupon
$2 Always Infinity CVS coupon
Scott $1 MC
Colgate $1 MC
Always Infinity free 18 count MC (5.99)
Hersheys Dark $1 MC
Total After Coupons: $1.42
Earned 2.99 ECBs

You can join CouponMom.com to get an easy resource to find coupon matchups! Here is a YouTube video about the site.

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