Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CVS 10-26 Deals

(cat not included)
I did my first CVS big shopping trip today and I am so excited with the results! I got out early to get Eli some formula and ended up spending 3cents less than the cost of the formula for all this stuff! I ended up with about 64 dollars worth of stuff for 9.36! Here's how I did it:

Transaction #1:
5 Soy Joy bars ($1 each) used $3 off 5 coupon got back 4ECB
1 Crest Spinbrush ($4.99) used $2 coupon, got back 2ECB
1 Always Infinity ($4.99) used $2 coupon, got back 1 ECB
1 pkg Halls Natural cough drops ($2)
Total: 9.98 used 10 ECB from last week got back 7 ECB
FREE...paid nothing!

Transaction #2:
2 Tylenol Sinus ($6 each) used 2 $1.50 coupons
1 Tylenol Cold ($6) used $1 coupon
2 CVS pocket issues ($.99)
Used $3 off $15 CVS coupon, 7 ECB from 1st transaction
Out of pocket: $4.99 Earned 10 ECB and $3 off $15 coupon

Transaction #3:
2 Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent ($5.99, B1G1) used 2 $1 coupons
1 Dove Body Wash ($5.49) used $1.50 coupon
1 Dove Bar (free with body wash purchase)
1 Similac Alimentum ($9.39)
Used $3/$15 coupon, 10 ECB
Out of pocket: $4.37

I am so excited!!! Learning this will help me stay home with Eli! Nothing like free stuff!!! There is so much information out there on the 'Net about how to do this and it's awesome!
I ended up going back and doing another transaction on the cold medicine because I wanted to get Eli one of these. (I see I should have looked that up before I went and got the $1.50 coupon). The refills were part of the "spend 20 get 10ECB, so I went ahead and got those, plus another Tylenol Cold, Theraflu Warming liquid, Halls cough drops, and a sanitizing pen. I spent about 20 bucks, but got back 10ECB and have a rebate to get 3.99 back on the Theraflu. So it wasn't too bad. I could have saved more if I had researched and used that $1.50 coupons for the Triaminic, plus the $1 coupon I had for the refills. It was a last minute, "what can I do to make my baby feel better" run, so I think I did okay on the spur of the moment!

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